Appraisal for Beatles Rubber Soul Mirror

Beatles Rubber Soul Mirror

Charles asks:

I've had this mirror for over 35 years, its the only one in existence, at least I've never been able to find another, it was the only one available at the store where i bought it.  in one of the photos you can see the reflections of other art, showing it to be actually a mirror with the images of the Beatles imposed over the's size is approximately.  20"x30"

AW says: That's known as the Beatles Rubber Soul Promo Mirror. They are out there, and your's is pretty uncommon, but it's not a one of a kind. What is wonderful about your's is that most of these have Paul on the left, and your's has George on the left. Also, smaller sizes are much more common and go for under $75. The larger ones are more valuable.

Retail value: $350-$425

Wholesale value: $175-$250


  • Rubber Soul mirror
  • Beatles
  • 20"x30"