Appraisal for antique metal statue

antique bronzed statue

Jacob from Birmingham, AL asks:

Was wondering if you could help me out with this one. I found this at
an antique store but have nothing to reference it to for value. The
statue is Brass on a marble base holding what says to be an epergne.
The epergne is a light blue and is held by a part of the brass statue.
The person claims that the statue is from the 1880’s.

The condition is excellent and the overall height of the statue is about 15 inches or
so. The statue is a woman holding a bird with the Epergne on the
other side of the statue. What do you think that it is worth?

They are asking $225.00 for it.

AW says: I like it but… It has the look of a brass or bronze plated pot metal. I don’t believe it’s brass. There’s an easy way to check for this, check to see if it’s hollow or tap a coin against it, you should hear a hollow clink if it is only cast metal.
Also, it will be a lot lighter weight than brass। If so it, is definitely cast metal, which is a much cheaper metal or metal conglomeration than brass. Another way to tell if it’s pot metal would be to look close for a mold seam.

I’m sure the date is about right, though. A pot metal statue of this type would be worth about $75.00 in my market if the glass insert was perfect. If it is indeed brass, it’s a good deal at $225.00 if there is no damage.
If it’s solid brass in good condition, I’d ask about $300।00 if it were mine.

But one more thing that concerns me is that the blue glass insert seems too tall to be original to the piece। This would probably take about 30% of the value off of it if that were so. It’s tough to know for sure from the picture angle.

Good luck and let me know how you do with it.