What's it Worth? Appraisal of Thai bronze flatware set

thai flatware Nicola asks:

have had this set since my father died. It is from my great grandfather and have no idea what it is. I have thought it might be pieces to eat desert it is in it’s original box and still had tissue around it. I would appreciate an idea of what it is and what it might be worth.

Thank you Nicola







AW says: These were popular sets with soldiers serving overseas. They would often buy them and send them home to loved ones. It’s an elegant flatware set with service pieces for desserts. Yours is of very good quality, and gets points for being in the original box and in excellent condition.

Date range: 1940-60
(top price)

Retail value:

Wholesale value: $175
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Quick sale value: $95
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Care and storage tips: There is actually a special polish and process for cleaning such a set. Obviously, yours is not in need of it now, but should it need cleaning, you’ll want to be aware of this and used the proper method.


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