Appraisals of antique wagon, carved Mahogany chair, Maple pressback

antique toy cart


John Asks:

I have three items for you.


1) Childs toy wagon, possibly dates to civil war era? This was literally in my Grandmas attic in Asbury Park NJ. No one remaining in the family had any history on it. In the 1870’s my ancestors on my mothers side had a large homestead farm in Clarksburg NJ, the remains of which are likely in this attic.

2) Chair with carved gargoyles. I have photos of it being in my grandparents home in Asbury Park NJ in the 1940’s. Story I got on it was that it came out of the attic of a rental apartment building in Ocean Grove NJ that my grandfather purchased. He found it up there and like it. He may have had it refinished then, don’t know, but I’m sure they had it reupholstered, however it has always looked as you see to my memory .

3) Blonde wood cane seat chair, again from the Monmouth County - Asbury Park NJ area that I know of. Obviously hand made, would love to know who made it. The only markings I can find on the bottom is the XXX.

AW says: Thanks so much for your requests.

It would be easy to believe the 3 of these items came from the same home as they are all roughly within the same period, the child’s wagon would likely be 15-20 years earlier than the other 2 items.

By the way, there may be another half to the wagon in that attic yo mentioned. That half likely being a toy horse or other farm animal, it should be made of wood and either painted or adorned with paper decal work. The wagon or cart is still very much salable without the other, but better with. The appraisal here is for without.

carved mahogany chair with gargoyles

The dark wood chair you have is in Mahogany with what some would call Griffins, others Lions and others Gargoyles. The animals are carved and it’s a nice chair true. However it’s a turn of the century (1890s-1910s) revival of an earlier style.

maple pressback chair

And the last piece you have is a Maple spindle press back chair. This is somewhat uncommon in the fact that these are mostly made of Oak. Yours is a bit more elegant and refined than the Oak ones you see. I’d put it about 5 or 10 years earlier than most of the Oak chairs at 1890s.

Date range:
Wagon 1840s-70s/ Gargoyle Chair 1890 - 1910/ Maple Press Back 1880-90

Retail value: Wagon $95-$125/ Gargoyle Chair $225-$300/ Maple Press Back $125

Wholesale value: Wagon $65-75/ Gargoyle Chair $125-$150/ Maple Press Back 1880-90 $50

(The midrange price you could expect to achieve at a well advertised live auction. The price that is most often realized)

Quick sale value: Wagon $50/ Gargoyle Chair $60-$75/ Maple Press Back 1880-90 $25

The price your likely to get if you have to sell your item immediately and your prospective customer is aware of this.

Common terminology, nicknames, keywords: toy cart, hand painted toy cart, stenciled cart, stenciled wagon, wood spoke wheeled cart, toy donkey cart, griffin carved chair, lion gargoyle etc. Mahogany chair, carved chair, pawfoot carved back mahogany chair, maple pressback, press back, cane seat chair, toc, turn of the century chair, spindle back chair.

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Care and storage tips: A light dusting is all the wagon should ever really get, the carved chair should not be over polished as polish can get in joints and seams near legs and loosen things up.
Consider Old English scratch cover if it ever needs wear cover.