What's it Worth? Appraisal of Japanese Silk Screen

William asks:

Attached are the photos of the Japanese Silk Screen we would like an appraisal on. It was purchased in 1980 in Kyoto, Japan and the last picture is of the artist who painted it there on site in the Japanese American store in Kyoto.

AW says: Hi William, thanks of your appraisal request. These types of silk screens are being collected more right now for their decorating value rather than as a collectible. That said, it’s a nicely done contemporary Asian work.

Date range: 1980s
$125 - $175 (Please note that this is retail in the USED range, it is not a replacement price. I would expect almost double this price as a BRAND NEW retail price)

Retail value:

This has obvious flood damage. You’ve indicated that there was some flood damage, but that you wanted an appraisal that would NOT reflect that damage.
(top price)

Wholesale value: $55 - $75
(The mid range price you could expect to achieve at a well advertised live auction. The price that is most often realized)

Quick sale value: $35-$45
The price your likely to get if you have to sell your item immediately and your prospective customer is aware of this.

Common terminology, nicknames, keywords: Contemporary Asian silk screen art work

Care and storage tips: Although it may seem obvious, you want to be careful of these screens if there are cats in the home. I have seen some of them used as scratch posts.