What's it worth? Appraisl of made in China Satsuma vases

Michael asks: How much are my Satsuma vases worth? Large Chinese Vases – Large Vintage Oriental Porcelain Chinese floral gilded vases with people, flowers, and oriental scenes. These vases have beautiful gold leafing and are hand painted Satsuma ware or referred to as “Satsuma porcelain”. They are large floor vases with Made in China – Satsuma stamped on the bottom of the vase in red boxed in letters. The vases match and are beautifully crafted. They stand at 42 inches from the floor and are 59 inches around. Vases are in mint condition with no cracks or chips.

AW says: Your vases are very well done and in excellent condition, but several things show us that they are post-WWII vases and since Satsuma is a Japanese style these are well done copies. The "Made in China" stamp indicates that they are post WWII as well as the lack of wear on the bottom that would indicate any age.

What your vases have going for them on the plus side is that they are well done with beautiful detail, they are a large size, they are a matching pair and the condition is excellent.


  • Made in China
  • Satsuma
  • Moriage
  • Gold leaf
  • hand painted