What's it worth? Appraisal for Gorham Sterling Silver Buttercup flatware

Anna K from NY asks: Hello Wally, I have some Sterling Silver flatware by Gorham which is in excellent condition. It's the Buttercup pattern. I have 15 pieces, 3 dinner forks, 3 salad forks, 3 butter knives, 3 soup spoons and 3 small spoons. How much is it worth?

AW says: Thanks for the question, as you may know, Gorham is on of America's most well known Silversmiths. Their work is of very high quality and you have one of their best antique patterns. This is a turn of the century Victorian era pattern with a beautiful floral motif that is in very high demand right now. Prices fluctuate for this, but the movement trend is up,up up.

Set's of over 50 pieces are bringing well over $2000.00. Of course these include the more pricey, larger serving pieces which bring to value to a peak. However, if you were to try to market what you have in a set, by that I mean 5 pieces in each, so you'd have 3 sets. Based on the research I've done it wouldn't surprise me to see a retail price of $150.00 to $200.00 per set and I may revise that higher upon further research.
(My appraisal is for pieces that are not monogrammed, subtract at least 20% for monogrammed pieces.)

Good luck.