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Which old newspapers are valuable?

More old newspaper values

Steve asks:

Hi Wally, I recently listened to your podcast on old newspaper values and it sounds like a lot of the 20th century newspapers that feature historic events, do not have much value. If this is true, which old newspapers are valuable, and which modern ones are worth keeping?

Thank You

Steve in Boston

AW says: Hi Steve, glad you listen to the show and that’s a great question. Modern newspapers worth keeping would be ones that have events which have National or World impact in a way that moves people.

For example, the recent death of Michael Jackson is bound to produce collectible newspapers, the same holds true for the death of Elvis Presley, John Lennon and JFK. These have become collectible BUT, they have not become valuable yet, simply because there is such a large supply of them. When it comes down to it, supply and demand dictate value in the collectibles market, just as with any other market.

In general, to bring more than $100, a newspaper has to have historic importance and scarcity. Below is an example of some historic newspapers and their current values.

These 18th century publications may have ony hundreds or even tens of copies each still in existance, now that’s scarce, and of course that kind of rarity is worth investing in at the right price.

If you find any of these in your attic or basement, you’re in luck!

#1 (Top left photo)

The Massachussettes Gazette - August 26, 1773 

-a pre-Revolutionary War issue

- southern slaves arrive - Charleson


#2 (Top right photo)

The Pennysylvania Evening Post

November, 16, 1775

Battle of Bunker Hill

Williamsburg…General Gage

This major historically significant publication

is selling for $2,385!

#3 (Bottom left photo)

GENTLEMAN’S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1774 


#4 (Bottom right photo)



Philadelphia, June 7, 1775.

Has the infamous desired

“United or Die” masthead 


The graphic of the masthead on this publication

epitomized the spirit of the Revolutionary War

old massachussetts newspaper

old massachussetts newspaper



antique newspaper

antique newspaper

old newspaper

old newspaper

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