ep94 w/ Theo Chen Autograph Expert Interview


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Theo Chen’s website: http://autographsforsale.com/
Find our Guest’s items on Boocoo.com
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ep93 Fast Eddie Fargnoli interview - Spring 2010 Brimfield Antiques Show




Hey everyone, it’s been a while since my last episode of the AuctionWally Show but I hope you think that the interview here with Fast Eddie Fargnoli was worth the wait!

Eddie is an antiques/junque dealer who’s been selling at Brimfield for many years. He’s 80 some odd years young and was a delight to interview. He also granted me a video interview which can be found here.


The 2010 Brimfield spring show was phenomenal, many people said it was the best in years, here is my state of the market report on May 2010 in Brimfield


I want to thank everyone who has listenes to the show. Podcasting can be very time consuming and seeing the # of listeners increase makes me realize you are a loyal audience and you are telling friends about the show too! Thanks much!


There are two sites that have been tremendously supportive of my efforts lately and I want to thank them and ask you to visit and support them in return, but not only for that reason, but because they truly are the best at what they do in their respective fields.

They are:

Salehoo.com If you are selling online, and need a solid, reliable place to get merchandise at prices you can make a good profit on, then check out Salehoo.


Auctionzip.com  The #1 online Live auction locater.



Coming up on the next episode of the AuctionWally Show: An interview with an antiques dealer who’s traveled from East to West, selling all the way.

We’ll look at how the business is different in different geographical locations, why some things sell in certain areas, and how to make the most out of traveling as an antiques picker.

Rose Downes is a friend, an auction customer of mine, and an invaluable resource for information and stories. I hope you’ll tune in for that show!


ep92 American Picker Brad

Thanks for checking in, and for being patient. It’s been a while since my last episode. I hope you consider the wait worthwhile. It was for me as I got to interview a friend of mine, Picker Brad whose been buying and selling antiques for quite a while.

Brad has some fun stories and useful advice for those of you that want to become an American Picker.

Links to sites mentioned in the show:

Scott Antique Radio can be found at:  ScottAntiqueMarket.com

Follow Picker Brad on Twitter

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The very twisted and highly entertaining work of  Mike Bennett can be found at MikeBennetPodcast.com

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Ep91 It takes a Vintage Village & a prices realized report

Category: Business
Description: On the AuctionWally Show you’ll find comprehensive coverage of the auction world, online and off. Content includes niche antiques and collectibles education, interviews… more
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Episode 91 is finally published, whew! I’ve been busy with projects in the solid world and am glad to have finally gotten out a new edition of the show.

I started off the show with a promo for my favorite fiction podcast, UnderwoodandFlinch.

In this episode I reviewed the collectible community, “the Vintage Village” and after looking at it decided that I had to swap links with them. Loryn is working hard over there to keep the community buzzing with the latest in Vintage.

Also in the review mix, was quick chat about R&S auctions of Tuscon AZ. They have fantastic estate sale, their first of 2010. It has lots of great stuff, and my favorite thing about it, there are NO MINIMUMS and NO RESERVES! You can find their listings on Auctionzip at http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=776377

 Speaking of Auctionzip, below is the slide show of items that I talked about next on the show.

Prices realized for antiques from auctions listed on Auctionzip
Prices realized for antiques from auctions listed on Auctionzip
The slideshow above comes from my “Prices Realized” directory which is an evolving reference I hope you’ll find useful. If you do, perhaps you’d like to subscribe to the page, bookmark it or tell a friend about it. Those methods are the juice that Internet publishers live off of, and are critical to growing an audience.
We ended up with an on air appraisal of a buckboard wagon.

If you like the show, hit the button below!


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ep90 Predictions for 2010, site reviews, on air appraisals

 Happy New Year!

If you’re looking to simplify, here’s the website that was the inspiration for the “making the cut” segment at the beginning of the show.



The predictions I made for the 2009 online market place can be found in this Examiner article.

Here are my auctions/antiques marketplace predictions for 2010.

  • Auctions of antiques & uniques will come back stronger on eBay, but eBay now has to share much of the maketplace it lost with other venues. Oddly enough, I don’t see a static listing type competitor to eBay sucking up this marketshare, but rather, I see this marketshare being regained by brick and mortar auction houses. They’ll regain this segment with the help of sites like Auctionzip.com and iCollector.com. These are sites that bring realworld auctions to many more people through online convenience.
  • I think we’re going to see more blending of brick and mortar stores with online capability and less  brick and mortars folding due to competition from Web businesses.
  • I think furniture prices will continue to drop.
  • I think we’ll see  1 or 2 “Green/Antiques” businesses really break away from the pack as a huge interest in Green Antiques swells. I think this effect will magnify  ever so much more due to economic hardship and upset over energy and production expense increases for poor quality new items.
  • …and last but not least, Walmart will add an antiques section to it’s stores, which means the antiques industry will have lobbyists, pickers will become royalty, and we’ll finally get that viable 3rd political party in the US.

Let’s take a look at some events that are coming up:

Upcoming Antiques Shows!

Atlanta Expo Centers - January 8, 9 & 10

Ohio Expo Center - January 23 & 24

Scott Antique Markets
The World’s Largest Monthly Indoor Antique Shows!
In Atlanta, Georgia and Columbus, Ohio

    Atlanta Expo Center & Ohio Expo Center

All year, every month, the Scott Antique Market comes to the Atlanta Expo Centers where two cavernous buildings are filled  with displays of antiques and collectibles overflowing into our large outdoor exhibits.

In Columbus, Ohio the antique shows are held monthly November through March at the Ohio Expo Center where the buildings are filled with exhibitors displaying everything imaginable. These antique shows are a treasure hunter’s paradise with over 2800 exhibitor booths in Atlanta and over 800 in
Columbus offering the finest selection of investment  quality antiques in the country.

You can find a huge selection of gold, silver jewelry, antique pottery, glassware, furniture, and so much more at the Scott Antique Market. The Scott Antique Markets are the largest series of indoor antique shows in the world. These antique shows are among the best resources of merchandise for your home, shop and internet vendors. You will find hundreds of thousands of antiques and collectibles for all ages. Scott Antique Markets are America’s favorite treasure hunt.

Find out more at: http://www.scottantiquemarket.com/

While your there why not check out Scott’s Antique radio, where you can hear the AuctionWally show, in syndication along with OTR programs and lots of other shows revolving around antiques and collectibles.

Civil War Auction

The Fontaine’s Auction Gallery is having a Civil War and Antique Firearms Auction, on January 16, 2010, it is available for online bidding through iCollector.com! If you can’t join the live auction action in Pittsfield, MA, visit www.icollector.com to login or register free to bid live online at this wonderful auction. If you’re not ready to bid, simply watch the activity live from the auction floor using the iCollector.com!

This Auction Will Feature Over 800 Examples Of Firearms, Swords And Accessories From The Revolutionary War To World War II.

Saturday January 16th 2010
9 Am Discovery Session 0ver 250 Lots
11am Cataloged Session Over 650 Lots

Preview Friday January 15th 10am-5pm And Saturday January 16th 8am-11am

For more information about this auction go to: Fontaine’s Civil War Auction



Our next Thursday Night Auction is January 7th Auction in Barre MA

We’ve got a nice auction coming up, you can find the details of the Thursday night Barre MA auctions at

www.AuctionWally.com/News or at www.Auctionzip.com just enter the Auctioneer ID 1587 to pull up our page there.


Before we move on to the on the air antiques appraisals, here are a couple of reviews for websites I think you’ll find useful.

The first is at http://www.tudor-rose-antiques.co.uk/more-about-antiques.asp

The second is for a site called www.picclick.com which I’ve dubbed as one of the most useful eBay tools I’ve ever seen.


On air appraisals and questions:

First appraisal:

This appraisal can be found here:


The second appraisal can be found here:


The third appraisal can be found here:


The fourth appraisal can be found here:


Do you have a great idea for an upcoming show, a website or a topic you’d like me to cover? How about a question about auctions, or an antique you’d like me to appraise?  If so, email me at show@auctionwally.com and maybe your subject will be covered in an upcoming episode.


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AuctionZip.com The largest online locator of live auctions

Squarespace.com When you need a website that you can build yourself, but still looks great, try Squarespace. You can sign up for a free trial without a credit card, if you decide to purchase, enter the promo code: AuctionWally and you’ll get a 10% discount each and every month for as long as you use Squarespace.

ep89 On air antiques appraisals, a great Civil War auction and more

Click on the play button above to listen to this episode, and follow along with the show notes below. To listen to any of the back episodes of the show, use the multi-episode player found elsewhere on this page. 

This is an on the air appraisal edition of the auctionwally show.  If you’d like to have me appraise an item on the air, send it to ask@auctionwally.com I may not be able to get to all the requests, but I’ll do my best.


There will be links to all the sites I’m talking about on the show at the bottom of the page.


What’s new:

I’ve got a new site called MassAuctioneer.info If you want to find out how to hire me for an event, need a recommendation for a Massachusetts auctioneer or have a specific question about the auction business find me there.

Also at MassAuctioneer.info,  I’ll  have information on my upcoming Barre MA auctions, Estate auctions, and special event auctions. And I’m available to consult with new auctioneers and auction houses that are just starting up, so I can help with that too.


Worthpoint.com reached two milestones recently.  Worthpoint is the online Worthopedia where you can find out the value of antiques and collectibles, consult with Worthologists and more. They just hit over 50 million items in the Worthopedia, and they made the Quantcast 1000 list which is a big deal in the online world, so congrats to Will Seippel and crew on that.

They’ve been working hard to bring you as much information on antiques and collectibles as they possibly can. I covered this story a bit more in depth through an Examiner.com interview with the CEO of Worthpoint Will Seippel. Here’s a link to that interview.


OK, let’s talk about some of the upcoming items in the January Civil War auction being held at Fontaines Auction Gallery in Pittsfield MA on January 16th. Pittsfield is right here in the beautiful MA Berkshire mountains, but if you can’t make the auction, I suggest popping in through the iCollector.com doorway where you can bid live an in real-time against the floor.



The first on air appraisal I want to do comes to us from Judy, and she says:

Hi Auction Wally,

I recently found a beautiful Hawkeye Refrigerator Basket.  It is in great shape and seems complete.  I have been looking for information about the basket on the internet but I cannot seem to find much.  I was hoping you would be able to age the piece for me and tell me anything you would know about it. 

The stamp on the top is black lettering trimmed with gold and says that the patent is pending.  The metal inside is has some surface rust on it but that would seem appropriate to me if it is an antique.  I have included some pictures for you to give a better idea of what you are looking at. 
Please, any information would be wonderful.  I can’t seem to find if this was the only company that even made baskets like this. 
Take care,


hawkeye rattan refrigerator basket

inside of antique refrigerator basketad for hawkeye refrigerator basket

 AW says:

Listen to the episode to hear this appraisal


Bill says:

Hi again Wally,
I recently sent an online appraisal request for a toy magic lantern with slides. These are some additional pictures and additional info that should have been included in the first e-mail. The base is 6” by 4”. Its height is 9”.
It is made of a thin metal probably tin. I don’t know if it is supposed to have a chimney. There is a glass lens in the piece which comes for to expose the wick. Also a glass lens in the horizontal tubular piece. I don’t know if there is supposed to be another lens piece that goes on the horizontal tubular piece.
Thanks again.

antique magic lanternmagic lantern
magic lantern slide

AW says:  Listen to the episode to hear the appraisal.
                                                           Speaking of appraisals:

   Did you know that you do not need a license to conduct professional antiques, collectibles, valuables, aka ” personal property” appraisals? It’s 100% true!

The biggest myth in the appraisals business is “that you need to be licensed or certified to do professional personal property appraisal work.”

The fact is, you may already have what it takes to be a highly paid, professional appraiser.  If you have that, you MOST certainly can charge between $75.00 and $150 per hour for appraisal work. Not only that, you can actually get it, but you must  follow a strict appraisal guideline protocol to have your appraisals be accepted by legal institutions and insurance companies.

There are appraisal “societies and guilds”, which require a hefty membership fee and a lengthy, unnecessary testing process, but you do not need to be a member of these groups to be able to perform professional appraisals. The truth is, that to perform an acceptable appraisal, all  you need to do is follow a certain strict but simple protocol.

 I can teach you the required protocol in a one day private seminar! That’s right! I can teach you how to write professional appraisals and start getting work in a one day private seminar, and I’ll show you how to start getting jobs.
Find out more about this great opportunity.
Let’s look at a a couple more items which I’ve appraised recently:

Marilyn asks:

Hello, I want to have an Empire sofa appraised.  It has been in my husband’s family since the early 19th Century.  The original owner lived in upstate New York.  The sofa is tight and firm.  The veneer, however, is chipped in places.  Still it’s a beautiful piece.


empire sofa

AW says: That’s a beautiful Empire sofa. It’s been re-upholstered as you likely know. The reason I know this is that the original upholstery was much darker on these are a rule, or they were red.

This is a bit later than you’d stated, the “early” Empire period contained mostly neo-classical style, your sofa is more in the “Elepantine” style which came later. (See the scrolled arms and feet, for evidence of the Elephant look.)

These are generally well-constructed pieces that are comfortable to sit in for longer periods, so they are a great piece for a homemaker. Decorators may choose them too, but they are not in high favor with most antiques dealers at the time of writing this, as is the case with much Empire style furniture. 

Those reasons and the condition of the veneer, are keeping this from reaching the price range of many of it’s peers.

Circa 1850-85

Retail value, $325

Wholesale $125

Quick sale value: $50

Keywords = Empire, divan, sofa, federal, rosewood veneer,


Before we go on to the next appraisal, I want to let you know that the AuctionWally Show is syndicated on Scott Antique Radio, a division of Scott Antiques Markets.


Peter asks: What can you tell me about this lighter?

karl weiden cigarette lighter

Karl Weiden cigarette 650 g table lighter

Listen to the episode to hear this appraisal:


I’d like to give a shout out here to my friend Keri from AntiqueTherapy.com and take a minute to let you know about her site and what’s going on there at the moment.


Thanks for listening, upcoming episodes of the AuctionWally Show will include an interview with antiques price guide books seller, Sherri Arnold from FYI & friend Mitzi Swisher from TheVintageList.com more on the air antiques appraisals, and if I can make it to the auction, some video coverage of the Fontaine Gallery Civil War Auction.

Here’s Brainpool with “This is Junk”, you can find Brainpool at www.myspace.com/brainpool

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Links to places mentioned in the show:

Fontaine’s Civil War Auction January 16th.

ICollector.com - Your online doorway into the live auction houses.

AntiqueTherapy.com  Some people need it!

Worthpoint.com - Home of the Worthopedia

Become an appraiser: Start earning $75 to $150 per hour as an antiques appriaser.

Scott Antique Market where you can also find Scott Antique Radio:

Auctionzip.com  The largest live auction locator.

ep88 The AuctionWally Show - What it means to be an Examiner

Examiner.com gets examined!  On this episode of the AuctionWally Show there was a roundtable discussion on “what it means to be an Examiner.”

In just a couple of short years since it’s new model roll-out, Examiner.com has become a major force in the online world, standing as the 528th most important site on the Internet according to Alexa.

It’s homepage has a Google Page Rank of 7, and is number rank #71 at Quantcast.com with a reported 14.4 million people visiting a month whom view 44 million pages.

It’s got some juice.

That’s why on episode 88 of The AuctionWally Show I’ll be hosting a round table with Phaedra Stockstill the Bonanzle Examiner and Susan Leak, the Birmingham Music Examiner.

  • What exactly is Examiner.com?
  • What’s in it for the people who write for Examiner.com?
  •  What they can expect from the company.
  • What Examiner readers can expect.

To hear the answers those questions and others you may have, join us at: The AuctionWally Show/ Examiner Round Table episode.

If you’ve found this article afte the episode has first published, no worry, it and all past episodes are archived at: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/25106   

Show notes are posted after each episode at http://auctionwally.com/show  (where you’ll also find an espisode player)

Would you consider writing for Examiner.com? 
Here’s a short video that ensures they know  “AuctionWally sent you!”

ep87 On the air antiques appraisals

You can listen to this or any episode right from the player here on this page. I may move it around on the page at times, but there will always be access to each episode from this site.

On this episode you can hear me do appraisals for the several items and follow along as you listen with the slide show below.

I hope some of you will take part in a future shows by sending in your appraisal request to ask@auctionwally.com please put AWS appraisal in the subject line along with some good .jpg pictures and whatever you know about your item. (size and condition is also important)

top of buck no2 junior stove

I can’t do all of the items I get on the air, but I’ll try to post the ones I think will appeal to many people. The ones with clear pics will get priority. 

Please send 4-8 photos so I can talk about different points of your item. A shot of the underside, inside, and backs of things are critical to determining authenticity. Also show where: corners meet, hardware is fastened, braces are joined etc. 


Stove, stained glass window, and revival chair appraisal
Listen to the audio podcast and follow along with the slides as I conduct appraisals for these items on The AuctionWally Show


Listen to the audio podcast and follow along with the slides as I conduct appraisals for these items on The AuctionWally Show

I’ve ended the weekly Selling Circus podcast

Many of you who listen to the AuctionWally Show know about my podcast the Selling Circus I do on Monday evenings and listen to that as well as the AuctionWally Show.

I’m now taking the best part of the Selling Circus, (The RoundTable) and moving it to the AuctionWally Show. The special Roundtable episodes will go live once a month with a guest panel.

Other episodes of The AuctionWally Show, will go pretty much as usual with niche content, pre-recorded shows that will come out about once a week. All episodes will now be on the AuctionWally Show RSS feed and no longer on the Selling Circus feed. I will leave the Selling Circus feed up and it’s show notes, for posterity.

I  appreciate and am amazed at the people who listen live and download both shows. I assure you this is an effort to focus on quality and an expansion of listeners. I hope you’ll pass the word to a friend about this news.

Thanks again to everyone, especially Karen Locker, Kat Simpson, Kat Barton, Dede, Bob Steele, Parts4Sale, the Blarney Stone, John ColderIce Lawson, Ron Clawson, Dave White, Cliff Aliperti, Susan Leak, Beth Cherkowski,  Melinda Jackson Marlene Gavens, Scott and Ziggy and of course, Phaedra.  I truly hope you guys are just as much a part of round table night on The Auctionwally Show as you were on the Selling Circus. I’ll see you around.


Here is the entire Wall St. Journal article referenced in the show.

 Here’s the link to the Jewelry Auction slideshow I mentioned earlier in the show.

You find John ColderIce Lawson and his special brand of edu-tainment here.

The hunt begins at Country Joe’s Collectible Stuff

ICollector.com brings to your PC, the best in catalogged live auctions

Brainpool the band which performs This is junk can be found at http://myspace.com/brainpool stop in and say hello.


ep86 An interview with Terry Kovel on antiques and collectibles

On episode 86 of the Auctionwally show, Terry Kovel came on as guest for the second time to answer questions about antiques, what to expect from the 42nd edition (2010) of Kovel’s Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, and plans for of Kovels.com.

2010 kovels antique price guide

Terry probably knows more about antiques and collectibles than anyone in the world, her and her husband Ralph who passed in August of 2008, have invented the antiques price guide.

She now forges ahead with her daughter Kim and her son Lee. If you’ve seen the 42 ed of Kovel’s, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s the best one so far.

You can listen to this episode right from the player here on the page or find it on the Talkshoe Network.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • what the average person is likely to have in thier home that is valueable
  • how to avoid common mistakes with antiques
  • what to invest in
  • uncommon uses for antiques and collectibles

and much more.

Find out more at: Kovels.com

If you’re looking for great antiques, you can now bid at hundreds of auction houses online through iCollector.com. It’s the next best thing to being there, you can preview, ask the auctioneer questions, and bid safely in real-time against floor bidders!

If you’re in need of just about any type of antique supply, from “Green” solvents to chair caning materials, you’ve got to check out Golden’s. It is THE most comprehensive source for all things in the antique supply industry. You’ll find this family run business at www.antiquesupply.com


ep 85 An interview with the Queen of Halloween

In honor of my favorite holiday, (Halloween), I’ve tucked in another episode of The Auctionwally show this week. This one features an interview with Pamela Apkarian-Russell, aka the Halloween Queen.

antique halloween postcards

She is the author of many books on collectibles and Halloween tradition, a public speaker, researcher, appraiser, curator of the Halloween Museum, and teller of many tales! 

For me, the most  interesting part of this interview was listening to her stories and opinion on the spirit world.

Listen now, if you dare!

You can find Pamela at http://CastleHalloween.com

I hope you’ll have a minute to visit our sponsor, iCollector.com  iCollector makes it possible to bid on the best live auctions throughout the world, right from your home!

My next episode  of the Auctionwally show features an interview with Terry Kovel of Kovel’s Antiques and Collectibles Price Guides.

ep 84 A haunted antique shop in Lenexa Kansas

Listen to this episode at your own peril! Episode 85 features an interview with Michell Staley, the proprieter of My Granny’s Attic, an antiques shop which she claims is haunted!

haunted antique shop

Her shop in Lenexa, Kansas, on  9230 Pflumm Road,which is part of the Santa Fe trail, is rumored to be haunted. She and on occasion, customers have heard and seen things that are un-explainable.  The historic home that houses the shop was built in the late 1890s as a duplex.

She’s had 5 different paranormal teams come out to the shop so far to investigate and all claim to have garnered results.

Whether your a believer or a skeptic, I think you’ll find that her  story is creepy and fascinating.

She is waiting for the film and video evidence to come back from the investigators, including a video which includes scratches appearing on her back.

You can find more about her shop at  http://www.mygrannysatticantiques.com

Here is a directory of the EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) that were captured by the paranormal investigators.

More information on Michelle’s story can be found in this Sun Publications article.


ep 83 Antiques appraised on the air

On ep83 of the Auctionwally Show, I covered some of the hightlights of the 37th Annual Hollywood Memorabilia Auction.

Session 1 & 2 Hollywood Auction

I appraised these antiques on the air:

Antique Oak dresser


An Ilmenau Porcelain Factory antique dish


Ilmenau Porcelain Factory dishIlmenau Porcelain Factory antique dish

 Ansonia Rainbow Clock


ansonia rainbow clock

antique ansonia clock

1939 World’s Fair reporter’s typewriter


Don’t forget, you can listen to the show and subscribe to it in…

If you have a question about antiques or auctions, send it to ask@auctionwally.com

ep82 What is iCollector.com?

On this episode of the Auctionwally show, I interviewed Thorsten Bonn, CEO of iCollector.com. Icollector is an online portal and gallery for live auction houses which hold catalog auctions. 

The site has found that combining the strength of many auction houses into one aggregated feed, brings one heck of a lot of bidders to the pool, serious bidders that know what they’re looking for.

ICollector has been around since 1996, but in this current format since 1999. The website works with Auctioneers to customize their iCollector pages and persona.

What I found especially interesting is that once a customer makes comes in through iCollector to place a bid on a item, the entire rest of the transaction is between the bidder and the auction house.

There are also some other great tools at iCollector.com such as it’s past auction “prices realized” search among other things.

The company has had some pretty high profile auction houses and is always looking to add more.

There’s one more thing I want to point out, then, I’ll give it up and let you listen to the interiew for yourself.

That is, that the site does all this collectively in a way that’s easy to use.

You can find out more at http://icollector.com

Find them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/icollector

This is Junk is performed by Brainpool.

ep82 What is iCollector?

The Brimfield MA Sept. 09 report

The September 09 Brimfield antiques show celebrated it’s 50th anniversary this year, and Brimfield is such a monumental event, that not much was really said about the milestone.

It’s no wonder, this sideshow of antiques & collectibles generates more buzz in the antiques world than any other event, a 50th anniversary of it is actually kind of lost in it’s own wake.

I spent 3 days there this September, and although the offering was magnificent and spirits were high, I’m sorry to report that sales were very slow for nearly everyone I polled.

I did manage to catch up with Chris McCallion, the indie filmmaker who produced Moth Balls a farce about the antiques business which was filmed at Brimfield. Moth Balls premiered last year at the show and got a great response from Chris’s comrades in the antiques world.

But movie making is a complicated thing, and Chris is looking for an experienced film editor who can do a “pro edit” so he can make the final cut and distribute the film.

So far he’s entered the movie in the Traildance Film Festival in OK, and another festival in Georgia. It took 2nd place in the comedy category on both festivals! We can’t wait to see what a finished version will look like.

The coolest thing I got at the September show, was a Moth Balls Movie T-Shirt from Chris with the Brimfield Alien which states the tagline, “they belong here”. It’s one of my most prized possessions, I’m weird like that!

Brimfield Alien

See the trailer for Moth Balls.  

What would a movie be without a companion music video? Not much, so here is the Moth Balls music video set to the song, “I’m Your Captain” by Grand Funk.


Things found at the September 09 Brimfield show
Here are some of the more interesting things I found this September in Brimfield where the unusual is the norm and having the most bizarre item is a badge of honor!



Here’s the antique rocking chair I appraised at the end of the show.

antique rocking chair

 If you’d like to have me appraise an item on the show, email to ask @auctionwally.com with a few photos of your item and any information you have on it. Maybe you’ll hear an appraisal of your item on the next show!

ep80 The AuctionWally Show - Ruby Lane

On episode 80 of the AuctionWally Show, I had the pleasure of interviewing Palmer Pekarek, the Director of Communications and New Business Development at RubyLane.com

Ruby Lane has been around since 1998, and has found a way to keep it’s dealers happy.

Listen in an learn why Ruby Lane has become one of the premier online antique malls. The site has over 2000 shops listed there.

The guidelines set there, assure that when you go to see an “antique” you are actully looking at an item 100 years old or old. We discussed some of the reasons sellers like to vend there, how things are done, and what specific items are currently flying off the shelves of their dealers.

We also got into how RL advertises it’s presence, and  as I mentioned I have a friend that has an ad exchange worked out with them. That is Mitzi Swisher of who runs an Online directory of vintage shops.

Stay tuned for updates, Palmer says big news will be announced for Ruby Lane in October.

Find and follow Ruby Lane on Twitter.



ep79 Why you should attend Brimfield and the eBay partner network

Ooops! I got this episode out a little bit late due to a learning curve with some new audio software! At any rate, even if the show does not get uploaded at exactly 8PM on Tuesday evenings, it will be published once a week.

On this episode, I plead my best case for attending the September Brimfield MA antiques show, I make my argument complete with a slide show below, with which you can follow along. To do so, just click on the picture or the “view slideshow” link next to it.

Also covered in the show, were changes to the eBay partner network, and what’s going on at the eBayinkblog.

What's there and what it might cost you.
Here are 10 Good Reasons to go to The Brimfield MA Antiques Show. I hope it’s enough to convince some of you that it’s worth the trip. These pics were taken in the May and July shows of 09. September is usually a high spirited one because the fall weat
If you have suggestions for an upcoming show, comments or questions, please email to wkolenda@gmail dot com or leave your comments here. If you plan to attend the show, let me know, I’d love to meet up with some online friends!

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ep78 Antiquarian book expert - the most valuable book in existence


antique books

To say that Roger Hjulstrom’s interview was interesting and informative would be like saying Disneyland is fun.

Roger is an Antiquarian book seller of many years. On episode 78 of The AuctionWally Show, Roger talks about the book that never existed, which he help market with Walt Disney productions.

You’ll also learn what is the most valuable book in existance, (yes there are still some to be found), learn why condition is important, but for which types of books it’s most important and much more!

You can find Mr. Hjulstrom online where he buys and sells collectible books.

See what he’s up to on Twitter

And read his blog: Books are my Life.

My most important question for Roger: When can you come back on the show?!

ep77 Vintage fishing collectibles

the charmer fishing lure


On ep77 of The Auctionwally Show, I interviewed Steve Ellis, if you’re a fisherman, Steve is probably someone you’d probably envy.

He owns a fly fishing tackle shop in Van Nuys California called the Fishermens Spot. He’s been collecting vintage fishing collectibles since he knew what they were.

Eager to share information and helpful to a flaw, Steve answered everything I had lined up for him and more!

When asked the major factors of value in this genre, he answered quickly that condition was king, and has written a Worthpoint article with further grading descriptions.

Listen to the show to find out why colors are important, his take on live online eBay alternative online auctions, how often he actually gets to go fishing and more!

At the end of the show you can hear an appraisal of this drum:

civil war snare drum

ep76 Online directory of estate liquidators


           A slide show of some things Fine Estate Liquidation inc has sold

From some of Martin's Sales
Here are some items Martin has sold and what they went for. To find out how Martin can help you go to: http://www.fineestatesales.com


I can take a motor apart… but I can’t put it back together. How many times have you heard that old say, and THAT”S the difference between hiring a professional or going it alone without instructions!

It’s the same philosophy with estate liquidations, I know because it comes up so often in my business as an auctioneer. Families are often in trouble without the help of a professional.

Because there’s always so much going on in this area of business I am continually looking for new information with which I can keep useful to my customers and competetive in the marketplace.

Every estate is different and there are many angles from which to approach the issue.

In my never ending search for knowledge about the valuables I sell and write about, I’ve come across a phenomenal resource, Martin Codina of  Fine Estate Liquidation Inc. who does San Francisco area estate sales which can be found at http://finesf.com/

I hope you’ll give a listen to ep76 in the player provided here. If you don’t have time right now, there’s a place on the player that will allow you to go to where the podcast is stored to download it. You can also subscribe to the show right from the RSS on the player.

Martin just put together a National Estate Liquidation Sales Companies Directory at: http://fineestateliquidation.com/estate-sales-companies  If your an estate sale attendee, you’ll get just as much out of that directory.

Some estates have good value, but simply cannot afford the services of a liquidator for one reason or another.  For those, Martin offers, Do it Yourself Estate Sales

If you’ve got a question or an item you’d like me to appraise on an upcoming episode of The AuctionWally Show email me some .jpgs and the info to auctonwally@auctionwally.com with the term “ON AIR appraisal” in the subject line, and I’ll do my best to feature it in the future.